The BPO manages four different types of fundraisers:

  • Student Account fundraisers: proceeds go directly into a student account and can be applied to pay for band expenses.
  • General band fund fundraisers: proceeds go to the BPO general fund (though some fundraisers are earmarked for specific purposes) and spent by the Board for the benefit of Eden Prairie schools band programs
  • Sponsorships: direct contributions from individuals or businesses go to the BPO general fund
Dining for Dollars Learn more

Support the Eden Prairie Band and feed your cravings! Enjoy meals at local restaurants while earning funds for the band. Click for dates and times!

Shop with Scrip Learn more

Shop with Scrip is an ongoing fundraiser that partners the BPO with local and national retailers such as Cub Foods, Amazon, Target and restaurants galore. You purchase gift cards and certificates at face value, and a percentage of that purchase is donated back to the BPO and directly into your student's account. This is a great way to use money you'd spend anyway to fund an account that can be used to pay band expenses such as band tours, jazz ensemble and chamber winds fees, Winterguard, Winter Drumline, Eagle Band, Band Camp, private music lessons and more.

There are no active fundraisers of this type.
There are no active fundraisers of this type.

Donate Now

Cash donations of any size are always welcome and go directly to support the activities of the Eden Prairie band programs. The Eden Prairie BPO is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. Support EP Bands and become a sponsor today!